Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) are mechanical devices for handling of supplies with greater ease and economy. Material-handling equipment can be used to reduce labor-intensive material-handling operations and embedded training can be used to reduce the number of instructors. At Ahiyas We provide Material handling for the storage, control, protection and movement of products and material throughout warehousing, consumption, manufacturing, disposal and distribution.

Also provide Many kinds of equipment and systems exist from manual to fully automated options to help conduct material handling.There are many material handling devices used at logistics worksites. These include forklifts, carts, pallets, conveyors, conveyance robots, sorters, picking systems, and automated warehouses.

Types of Material Handling Equipments


Forklifts are used in many locations, including factories, logistics warehouses, port facilities, and cargo terminals. They are infinitely versatile as they can easily lift heavy loads and turn in a small radius.


Palletizers are machines that automatically load cargo on a pallet. Palletizers are separated into high-level palletizers and low-level palletizers that load products from those respective levels and palletizing robots that grab (suction) and stack cargo using industrial robots.


The opposite of a palletizer is a depalletizer, which is a material handling device that unloads cargo stacked on pallets. As with palletizers, there are various types of depalletizers according to the type of cargo that is handled.

Container Vanning and Devanning Systems

Vanning is the work to load a container with cargo and devanning is the work to remove cargo from a container.

Automated Guided Vehicle

An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a vehicle that guided in an automated manner. Normally magnetic tape or magnetic rods are installed on the floor like rails and the transportation vehicle drives itself along those.